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22 Feb, 2013

Comparison chart

Democrat Republican
Philosophy: Liberal Conservative
Economic Ideas: Favor minimum wages and progressive taxation i.e. higher tax rates for higher income brackets. Believe taxes shouldn't be increased for anyone (including the wealthy) and that wages should be set by the free market.
Stand on Military issues: Decreased spending Increased spending
Stand on gay marriage: Support (some Democrats disagree) Oppose (some Republicans disagree)
Stand on abortion: Should not be made illegal; support Roe v. Wade (some Democrats disagree) Should not be legal; oppose Roe v. Wade (some Republicans disagree)
Stand on Death penalty: While support for the death penalty is strong among Democrats, opponents of the death penalty are a substantial fraction of the Democratic base. A large majority of Republicans support the death penalty.
Social and human ideas: Based on community and social responsibility Based on individual rights and justice
Traditionally strong in states: California, Massachusetts Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
Symbol: Donkey Elephant
Color: Blue Red
Founded in: 1824 1854
Website: www.democrats.org www.gop.com
Famous Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson,
Jimmy Carter
Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Bush,
Abraham Lincoln
, Richard Nixon

28 Jan, 2013

These fockers Both side stuff their pockets with our money!  All while telling you Who tobe mad at ? Hold the Seat for 60- 70 years till they Die !! All of them are Rich !! We need to Make ! Them have 1 Term of say 6 years ! and its back to work !! with the Rest of us Americans !! Then and only then will they look out !! For you or me !! But No they tell you who the bad guys are !!  And you jump on board !! They dangle that old hairy Carrot in ! your face and you follow like a good Mule !! its Time to turn the. Tv off. Next time they go on break !! We all should go and march ! On washington !! and block them from going back in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But no we don't stand up for each other anymore ! they have done A great gob at telling us who, to be mad at and why !!! Like when Gas starting going up ? No fucken Marching in the street !! We just Keep showing them ! we will just wait for Goverment to do it ? Why Because we need tobe in line for the next New Toy !!!!!!!!!

22 Jan, 2013
My question...  how about what your supposed to do...  how about the state of the economy.... unless gun sales is the part of the economy that he wants to grow... well this may be what he wants....  he is going to give guns to every American and then what...  he will increase the background checks on every one!!!  Grow the Government to be Big Brother and the records that are kept on law abiding citizens...  So let us start a database on all liberal Americans and post there location on maps so there neighbor  Support and Defend the Constitution of...  This is a President who was supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar?    a Dillar a dollar a five clock scholar?    oh next question....  why is reaching always have blame added to every thing that he says....  seems he is living the American Dream!  maybe he should just give up all the millions that he has made, and go on welfare and food stamps... at the white house!   That would show us... just how much he is doing!
is this right


01 Mar, 2012
The looser in the last election know this. 2010 changed the face of the House of Representatives, and just about pushed the Senate to the point of control. Be sure you state your opinion and VOTE! It is your right. Your Vote. Exercise it! If you do not cast your vote then it will not balance the equation for all of the people who do not pay taxes and get the hand outs from the government to

09 Jun, 2011
Who ever created this link obviously intended it as a joke, however, the idea of getting my grass roots campaign to the people in my case is very real. Please view it and then help me get the rest of the Electors that we need to get my votes counted in all of the States, and some good NonPartisan Vice-Presidential Candidates so we can get our papers filed with the States by their

09 Jun, 2011
I am the only Presidential Candidate who has primarily used renewable energy for over 30 years. All of the Partisan Presidential candidates talk about energy, however, they have never personally participated in the significant use of renewable energy in their own life, and are hard put to claim they really know anything about the subject. Energy is a subject that I have much experience

09 Jun, 2011
I am the only Presidential Candidate who has owned and managed his own Farm for the last 30 years. I am not a Millionaire farmer like George Bush, John McCain, or a good number of other people, and members of the Elected Aristocracy. I have to do my own work, unlike all of the other Presidential Candidates, who the American public are paying a lot of money to do jobs that those candidates

09 Jun, 2011
A very important part of controlling health care costs that none of the other Presidential Candidates have no understanding or concern for is the simplest, which is preventative health care. This may offend the health care industry which makes money from our health care, however, I think we should all understand that presently all of our medical training institutions are financed by people

09 Jun, 2011
First and foremost we must remember, as we learned in school, that we are a "Nation of Immigrants". In fact, when you look far enough back into history, you will find that even our "Native Americans" immigrated to North America. I am a second-generation immigrant to America on my mother's side, from Sweden. According to my grandmother, on my father's side, some of my father's people are

09 Jun, 2011
When I attended the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at Western Michigan University my instructor presented us with a very interesting paradox. He told us that even though we would very likely be sent to Vietnam where we would be expected to kill people, when we went anywhere in the world we must remember that we are always official "ambassadors" of the American people. We must



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