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Privacy Policy

The staff at AmericanPresident2012.com respect your privacy and protecting your privacy is very important to us. 

Information that Registered Users choose to provide on AmericanPresident2012.com is for viewing and or sharing with other Registered Users and Registered Candidates only.  

Personal information and data provided by Registered Users will be solely for use on AmericanPresident2012.com and will not be shared, sold or otherwise transferred to any outside source or commercial entity for marketing or any other purpose.  Registered Users will not be subject to spam or non related messages from AmericanPresident2012.com.

Project updates and newsletters pertaining to AmericanPresident2012.com, it's candidates as well as user submitted materials will be presented through email to Registered Users who have the option to opt out of future mailings at any time. 

Registered Users and Registered Candidates can share information only when both parties agree to "Connect" through the AmericanPresident2012.com Community Builder.  All Registered Users may sever a connection at any time while logged in.

Due to the anticipated volume of Registered Users on AmericanPresident2012.com, we will be required to use a commercial email service to get critical updates and notifications to our Registered Users in a timely manner.

All available advertising space on AmericanPresident2012.com will be linked to external sources and sites that do not, and will not have access to AmericanPresident2012.com Registered User information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the services, products and or user privileges provided on AmericanPresident2012.com.

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Election day 2014 (11/4/2014)
Elect the House of Representatives
and 1/3 of the Senate.
Tuesday November 4, 2014

Election day 2016 (11/8/2016)
Election of the President and
Elect the House of Representatives
and 1/3 of the Senate.
Tuesday November 8, 2016

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