What Democrats and Republicans Don’t Want You To Know, And Solution To Problem NWO ILLUMINATI 2011

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radio653 says:

People unite add me on here

oldschoolforoldfools says:

if this info is so important and everyone needs to know it then why not give it away for free?

247News1 says:

Way past time. Ron Paul 2012…vote.

Brian Johnson says:

I don’t care if you can’t stand Alex Jones, he know what he is talking about. Another thing, there are other who think that you are annoying.

Brian Johnson says:

Are you aware that both the Republican and the Democrat are controlled by the Illuminati, the binder-berg and the Globalist.

Drahregssor says:

lol prey

Dorothy Lacey says:

The fox has come out of its hole and is thumbing his nose at us.

ChicanoGangster316 says:

This video is so true people wake up before its too Late.

cooldaddyy says:

too late,,,,haha,,,,,,suck on that

killitagain220 says:

u can rest assure that never the less we over here in the states have it made and 4 the most part always have been.Wheres the solutions?

hellgames18 says:

this shit is real operation bigbrother the world is controlled n set up jus like a reality tv show.shit is planned they want us to c what they want us to c

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